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by CCB Communications on March 11th, 2013

Have you considered becoming a Licensed Construction Contractor in Oregon?

The Construction Contractors Board (CCB) is offering the first in a series of free workshops, throughout the state, for individuals wanting to learn how to become licensed construction contractors. The first workshop is scheduled for Friday, March 29th from 2-5 pm in the auditorium at the ODVA building in Salem at 700 Summer St. NE.

CCB Administrator Craig Smith said, “Participants will leave the workshops with the knowledge necessary to accurately complete the CCB application and licensing process, and obtain a CCB license.” CCB staff will discuss the process involved in becoming licensed, including choosing a business entity, and endorsement, license and bonding requirements, and pre-licensure education and testing requirements.

If you have considered becoming a licensed construction contractor in Oregon this workshop is designed for you. Bring your questions and we will do our best to provide you with the answers you need and the resources to get on the fast track to licensure.

Registration is suggested but not required. For more information contact Cathy at 503-934-2185.

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