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New rules clarifying CCB residential continuing education

by CCB Staff on January 13th, 2012

On Friday, January 13, 2012, the Construction Contractors Board (CCB) filed rules clarifying that workers obtained from temporary or leased worker agencies may not be used by contractors to satisfy state mandated Residential Continuing Education (RCE) requirements.

Over the last several days, the CCB has received dozens of inquiries from concerned contractors complaining about flyers they received offering to provide workers for the sole purpose of taking mandated RCE requirements.  The rule promulgated this week clarifies that such activity is not approved by the CCB.

The temporary rule clarifying that for the purposes of residential continuing education, an employee is not a subcontractor or a temporary or leased worker is found in OAR 812-021-0005 (3).

Residential contractors can have an owner, Responsible Managing Individual (RMI), an employee, or a combination thereof, obtain the required 16 hours of continuing education.

The 16 hours of education is divided into 8 hours of CORE (mandatory) and 8 hours Electives (discretionary). The CORE is a CCB approved curriculum consisting of the following:

  • Three hours of CCB Laws, Regulations and Business Practices (LRB): This is provided by the CCB only. These courses can be taken online, or in a live setting.
  • Two hours of Building Codes: The CCB approves private providers and their courses. In addition, until June 30, 2012 courses approved by Building Code Division (BCD) or the International Codes Council (ICC) also qualify. You may be requested to provide proof of BCD and ICC courses.
  • Three hour Building Exterior Shell Training (BEST) course. This is a one-time, specific course taken by CCB approved providers.


The 8 hours of Electives is education contractors determine benefits their business.

The CCB website lists all the approved core providers and courses and offers suggestions for obtaining elective education.

Contractors contacted by any business offering to take continuing education for you should be aware that this will not qualify as residential continuing education.

Contractors that do not have the required continuing education completed may not renew their CCB license.

Submitting false information to the CCB can have their licenses suspended or revoked as well as face civil penalties of up to $5000.

The rationale behind residential continuing education as to:

  1. Ensure contractors understand changes in construction licensing regulations;
  2. Ensure contractors keep up with building code changes; and
  3. Address building envelope issues.

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